Belair Cooperative Nursery School

Duties as a Parent

  Since we are a co-op, we do not have a paid staff to run the school.   Instead, parents need to assist with jobs as well as attend mandatory meetings.

  1. Each member will be assigned a job that helps the preschool operate effectively and efficiently, i.e. organize class field trips, photography, schedule helping parent days, etc. All of the jobs have instruction folders to guide you. Here is a list of the job descriptions.
  2. Each member will be the “helping parent” on a rotating basis throughout the school year. Time: 8:45 am to 12:30 pm, approximately six to ten times during the year. Instructions will be provided. Here are the duties for helping parents in the classroom
  3. Each member will be assigned weekend classroom cleaning duties one or two times during the school year. Normally this takes an hour to two hours to complete; instructions will be provided.
  4. One member of each family will attend the four mandatory membership meetings throughout the year.

  In addition, you will be invited to attend field trips and in-class special events. The Co-op also occasionally has special events outside the classroom which are open to the whole family. These events are optional and all are warmly invited.