Belair Cooperative Nursery School

2017-2018 School Year
Tuition Payment Schedule
Due By 3's & Enrichment Program Class 4's & 4/5's Class Notes
Upon Registration $50.00 $50.00 Registration fee for returning families (per child)
$75.00 $75.00 Registration fee for new families (per child)
Upon Registration $110.00 $150.00 May 2018 tuition
September 5 $210.00 $250.00 September tuition + $100 Membership fee (See Membership Agreement)
October 1 $110.00 $150.00 October tuition
November 1 $110.00 $150.00 November tuition
December 1 $110.00 $150.00 December tuition
January 2 $110.00 $150.00 January tuition
February 1 $110.00 $150.00 February tuition
March 1 $110.00 $150.00 March tuition
April 1 $110.00 $150.00 April tuition

   If tuition is not received by the 10th of the month, a $5-per-day late fee will be charged for every business day until tuition is paid in full. If the 10th of a month falls on a weekend or holiday, tuition must be received by the first open school day following the weekend or holiday to avoid a late fee.

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Option to pay tuition in full at a discount

    Payment should be made by October 1st if opting for paying the school year's tuition up front. These rates provide a discount of $40 for the 3's class, $50 for the 4's and 4/5's class, and $50 for the 4's or 4/5's class plus the Enrichment Program. They cover the periods from September through April and are inclusive of the $100 Membership fee.

   A $25.00 fee will be assessed for a returned check.

If you are interested in signing your child up, you can find a registration form on our forms page.